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IFPlogoSmallWelcome to the resources page for my two talks at the 2012 annual conference of the Institute of Financial Planning. Both presentations are embedded here, and video and audio files will be posted too, once the sessions are completed.

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Please do let me know if can help in any way regarding this very important subject. Feel free to fire any questions to me here. I am also available to help your firm with its online marketing efforts on a consultancy basis.

Monday afternoon session – How to create compelling online content

This is a half-hour, rapid fire how-to session. Obviously we can’t even scratch the surface of how to get going with online content marketing, but I’ll try! Here are some links to my source material, all of which is highly recommended:


Michael Hyatt’s Blog – one of the most-read blogs on the internet, dedicated to living intentionally

Platform: Getting noticed in a noisy world – Michael Hyatt. Easily the best book on the subject currently available

Advertising headlines that make you rich – David Garfinkel. Don’t pay for the hard copy version, Kindle is best

MarsEdit – offline blog editor for Mac

Live Writer – offline blog editor for Windows

iStockPhoto.com – great source of royalty-free images

Copyblogger.com – Excellent tutorials for creating online content

PodcastAnswerMan – Cliff Ravenscraft is the podcast legend

Social Media Examiner – Video Blogging guide

[codepotato] – First class websites and brilliant service from Gareth Thompson

Here is the video of the presentation:

Here is the audio file…


Download the audio file by right-clicking the following link and selecting ‘Save (file) As…’

And here are the slides I used in my presentation:

Wednesday morning session – Creating trust through the power of online content

This is my second of two sessions at the Institute of Financial Planning annual conference 2012. I look at the mechanics of how people come to trust an online brand, and then some practicalities as to how you can begin developing that kind of trust yourself.

In the session, I draw from a recent survey from About.com – here’s the link to the pdf of the outcome of that survey:


I also mentioned VouchedFor, a new service for finding and reviewing financial advisers. – Link

I mentioned three great examples, one  of each type of online content:

To create great content, you should be a consumer of great content. The best way is to get to know Google Reader.

Here’s the video of the presentation

In a fit of unprofessionalism, I forgot to turn on the camera for the first couple of minutes. The audio is complete, however!

Here’s the audio file:


NB the first 15 seconds are silent!

To download the audio file for listening on an iPod or similar device, right click on the link below and choose ‘Save As’


..and finally the slides!

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  • http://twitter.com/SIISO22222 Michelle Hoskin

    Hey you!

    I attended both of your presentations and I loved them both! Practical, interesting and delivered right from the heart! Well done and thank you for being so generous in sharing what you know! See you soon


    • petematthew

      Hey yourself!

      Thanks very much. I really enjoyed presenting these sessions – need to work out the next stage in the process to present next time!

      Keep in touch…

  • ChrisDaems

    Hi Pete,

    I caught your first presentation….but missed your 2nd one! Some great tips in there….thanks for sharing!

    • petematthew

      Cheers Chris – glad you found the sessions useful.