An object lesson in how Financial Planners and Investment Managers should work together

Tom adn Justin from 7IM

Most people who know me, know that I and my financial planning firm have an excellent relationship with Seven Investment Management. We outsource the vast majority of our investment management to them, which enable us to concentrate on what we’re good at (financial planning) and let go of what we’re not (running money day-to-day). They look after nearly £60m of our clients’ money and they have done a superb job with it, through incredibly challenging times. We and our clients love they way they work; they remove the burden of investment management, allowing our clients to get on with living.

In this superb interview by Rob Kingsbury of the excellent T4B Magazine, Tom & Justin explain how they think investment management should be done, as distinct from the client relationship. It’s an important message, and worth 16 minutes of your time, or you could read the written precis. (The link takes you to a digital magazine, where you can click the link on p8 to play the video)

IFP Conference 2012

IFPlogoSmallAs I write I am preparing for my second presentation at the Institute of Financial Planning’s annual conference at the Celtic Manor. For those who are interested after attending, or for those who couldn’t get to the sessions, I have a resources page here, which has the slides, video and audio files, and some useful links. Do let me know what you think, and if you were at either session, I’d love to hear your feedback, either in the comments on the resources page, or via email.

FSA, please allow us to concentrate on clients

FSA Building CroppedBelow is an article that I wrote for Money Marketing, a weekly magazine for financial professionals. The original article appears here.

I wonder what we’ll all talk about when the RDR is finally in place? I foresee seminars and branch meetings filled with awkward silences and tumbleweed drifting across the meeting room floor. Then someone will announce that all advisers will have to be qualified to level 6 by 2017, everyone will take a deep breath, and the cycle will begin again.

CFP Conference speech

I gave a speech on 7th June 2011 at the Institute of Financial Planning’s CFP Conference. It was a great day with some excellent speakers, though on grounds of humility I exclude myself from that statement! In the video I talk about my career journey from McDonald’s to where I am now, and how that journey has led me to champion the education of the masses about simple financial planning. To this end I set up for which I have won two industry awards in the last six months.

I hope you enjoy the video. Let me know if it raises any questions by contacting me here

Money & Finance

This is a sermon I gave ages ago at my old church on the subject of Money & Finance. We were going through Proverbs at the time picking up major themes, and I was asked, given my profession, to do the talk on Money!

It is not-so-loosely based on the main points from a sermon by the great Methodist founder John Wesley. Let me know what you think; here’s the link: