4 benefits of sharing your expertise online

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More and more people are sharing their expertise and passion online. Easy-publishing tools like Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress mean that it is easier than ever for anyone to set up a website and begin sharing, which means the world is getting noisier.

You don’t want to be left behind. There are real benefits to having a platform on which you can share your own knowledge. My recent review of Platform, by Michael Hyatt concluded that this was a great book for giving you the tools to build a presence for yourself online.

Assuming you decide to follow the advice in the book and share your expertise online, what are the benefits you should expect to see?

1. Influence among peers

This may or may not be your primary motive for blogging, but for me it has definitely been a welcome side-effect. When I began video-blogging on MeaningfulMoney.tv, my first viewers were the industry folk I was already connected to on Twitter. They became my early advocates and the noise they made eventually led to my receiving two awards for my efforts, and invitations to speak at industry conferences. I now receive two or three call per week from the professional press asking for comment, which I believe will be a stepping stone to the mainstream media.

2. More clients

Though this genuinely wasn’t the reason I set out to do my videos, this has certainly been the case for me. Half of my new business production in 2012 has been directly attributable to MeaningfulMoney.tv. Due to the nature of the internet these clients are not local to me, so all our business is being done via Skype. It has been a slow burn – it took 18 months for me to win my first client in this way – but the snowball is now rolling.

3. Gratitude from readers and viewers

I like to help people – I’m a nice guy! The main reason I set up my own site was to provide good financial information to those that really needed it. I now get a YouTube comment, tweet or email every other day from someone expressing their thanks to me for the value I have provided. This earns me no money, but makes me very pleased indeed. Perhaps you might be motivated by this, perhaps not, but it certainly works for me.

4. Trust

Ah, this is where it hits home for me. By being candid online, sharing my expertise and passion and by engaging with my audience through Twitter, Facebook et al, I have become a trusted voice in my field. Prospective clients can get a feel for me and my ‘voice’ before getting in touch. This was summed up for me by the following email from a couple who have since become some of my favourite clients:

“Having watched several of your videos, we feel like we know you and can trust you – will you work with us?”

That works for me – could it benefit you too?

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