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  • Stuartwilson8

    Hello Mr IFA
    Hello sir, how can I help you?
    I don’t know, I am hoping you won’t find anything wrong with me
    Is there anything wrong with you?
    I don’t think so
    OK great, thanks for popping in
    Er, what about if I get run over by a bus?
    Do you think that might happen to you?
    Don’t think so
    Great, thanks for popping in.

    What a genius Mr Fisher is

    • petematthew

      Made me laugh Stuart. thanks for watching and commenting!

  • Martin Bamford

    Well said, Pete. IFAs always have (in general) worked with mass affluent and/or high net worth individuals. There’s been a lot of nonsense spoken recently about the ‘need’ to deliver services to the ‘mass market’. We run businesses, not charities or social enterprises. 

    • petematthew

      Absolutely. There is no ‘need’ – it’s a business decision.

      I really do lament the fact that accessible advice isn’t available any more, with the demise of the insurance companies. It might have been sales of little IB endowments rather than advice per se, but people saved, which was a good thing.

      I do think that the internet will pay a huge part in serving this market in future, but I wonder about the lack of human engagement and, yes, the sales ‘push’ which is needed sometimes to shake people out of their own apathy.

      Thanks for the comment, bud!

  • Steve Clark

    Nice shirt Pete! Well done. I’m also fed up with these CEO types of “big” companies telling us what we should be doing. If they are not all telling us that a multi tie restricted model is the future they are telling us we should be working for them. From what I hear from people I know at Towry it’s the last place I would want to go.

    • petematthew

      Thanks for the comment Steve; we are of one mind on this I think!

  • Alistair Cunningham

    I’d love to be earning £40,000 pa but I do it for love…

    • petematthew

      Ha! Me too. Bring on the Knighthoods!

  • EM/NB

    While I understand part of your rant and I enjoy the comments, the thing that tickles me more than anything is this, you do rather remind me of Andrew Fisher.  I don’t know if you have ever met him  but you are quite similar in many ways. I mean that in the kindest way, I promise. 

    • petematthew

      Thanks, I think. 😉