Book Review – Platform by Michael Hyatt

In the four weeks or so since this book has been released, I have read it twice and listened to the audiobook twice more. Platform, by Michael Hyatt is the natural successor to the book that set me on the road to doing, which was Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk. Platform builds on Crush It! by bringing the social media tools up to date and expands on it too, providing practical ideas for developing your own platform. (By the way, as much as I love Crush It, you don’t need to read that first to get the maximum benefit from Platform)

I had an interesting experience yesterday, at a Platforum round table lunch – everyone knew who I was. I’m not a natural socialite by any means; I find it quite difficult to make small talk, but I am working hard at this. It doesn’t half make it easier when people know who you are and are keen to ask you about what you do and why you do it! It was all very humbling and, yes, enjoyable. I realised that this is because I have gone some way to building my own platform, which Michael Hyatt defines as a virtual stage for you to stand on so that people can hear your message (rather than the multi-asset investment platforms we were discussing yesterday!)

Hyatt provides five steps to building your platform:

  1. Start with Wow! (Gotta love the Americans!) – Create a product, message, service or cause which is the very best it can be. No sense in trying to promote a mediocre product
  2. Prepare to launch – get the basics in place from a good headshot to the right people to help you do your thing
  3. Build your home base – practical help in setting up and developing your own website, writing blog posts, protecting intellectual property and creating dedicated landing pages
  4. Expand your reach – how to embrace the social media sites as ’embassies’, pages on websites you don’t own, like Facebook pages, to bring people back to your home base to engage with them there
  5. Engage your tribe – how to get more comments, monitor the internet for mentions of your brand, and how to deal with trolls.

Having been through the book many times, I have made a fairly extensive list of updates and amendments that I want to make to my sites. The first thing on this list is to define what my core message is. I think that is fairly well defined on MeaningfulMoney, but less so here on I want to comment on industry matters, like my video rant about Andrew Fisher the other day, abut also provide constructive content for my peers.

I do believe that in the coming years people will differentiate themselves more and more from their competitors by using the tools freely available online to build their own platforms. You can create trust this way, something which I have experienced first hand. In Platform, Michael Hyatt provides lots of guidance for those starting out and also for those who are already some way down the road. Highly recommended.

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  • Tony Sanchez

    Hi Pete, will give this book a try as I have a few projects lined up 😉

    • petematthew

      Good stuff Tony – I really do recommend it – highly readable and practical.